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I know how hard it is to be consistent, make change and find a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Real help from a real person!

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I've built my life around helping women fall in love with fitness, just as I did a few short years ago. Don't take my word, take theirs!

— Working out with Sydney has helped me to become the strongest and most fit I have ever been. She has helped me to gain confidence and love my body!

— Sydney is awesome! Since I've started training with her, I've become stronger, and more confident. She will motivate you and push you to things you didn't think were possible. Sydney has been on my team since day one, and I can't thank her enough! If you're looking to better yourself and meet your goals, train with Sydney!

— I feel stronger and feel better about how I look. This has been lots of fun and very eye-opening because I would tell myself all the time that I never had time but I have managed to make time during the day to work out even with the crazy schedule that I normally have. Just a simple fix like that has shown me that I'm the only one who can make changes.


I'm here to answer all of your questions! Here are some of the most common ones that I get.

  • Can I use ToneUp if I am a beginner?

    Yes! ToneUp is designed for beginning to intermediate level gym-goers.

  • Do I need to have access to a gym to use ToneUp?

    Yes, ToneUp is designed to be used with standard gym equipment. Any gym will do!

  • Can my daughter use ToneUp?

    Yes! Those 18 years and younger can participate in ToneUp with parental consent.

  • Can I sign up for just one month?

    Yes. While the value of ToneUp is best achieved through completion of all 12 weeks, you can cancel at any time.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    You can cancel at any time. Regardless of the day you cancel, you will still receive service for the entire month you've purchased.

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